camping firegrate

Camping is in our DNA. Every Kiwi family tries their hand at pitching a tent, sleeping under the stars and lighting a fire. With fires, there's always a danger that it could spread or get out of control. No-one wants their camping experiance to be a disaster! The Heatwave Campfire grate is the perfect size for a couple or small family. You'll find the 460mm x 420mm size grate will keep you warm and is easy to pack.

 Made fully from stainless steel its perfect for your next outdoor camping trip. This Firegrate will contain your fire so it won't spread, will keep the fire off the ground, doubles as a BBQ, and when you have finished  with it and the embers are cold you can dispose of the ash responsibly.

*These grates can't be used where a fire ban is in place, check camping site laws before lighting any fires.



  • Safe - contains your embers and hot coals
  • Small and easy to pack
  • Can be used for cooking
  • Stainless Steel - won't rust out


Turret Design Fires - great fires your style


About Turret Fires

Turret fires is a separate entity to Heatwave firegrates but has a close working relationship. The fires are built on the West Coast of NZ and tested in harsh conditions. Our Fires are built from 3mm Corten steel. Corten steel is a steel that forms a rust coating that acts as a protective coating to resist further corrosion… amazing aye! The rust takes a few months to fully stabilize, but once it has, it stays the same colour and doesn’t run off.


Stylish & Unique:

Turret Fires have been applauded for their style and uniqueness. The beauty of these fires is you can choose from our growing range of designs or send us your own design to be profiled onto the front of your fire. Make your fire a centrepiece of your outdoor area! Stand out from the crowd!

Weather proof:

Turret Fires are made from 3mm corten steel. As mentioned above, this forms a rust coating that acts as a protective coating and resists further corrosion. It also looks the same in all weather! You would notice with concrete fireplaces, they can crack with heat, and grow moss or mould in damper conditions. These fires will keep their rust look permanently.

Quick and easy:

Turret Fires are a simple choice. The time from order to delivery can be as quick as one week. They require very little preparation and can be installed in a few hours. There no other fire on the market to compete with that!

Portable and Light:

Now when I say that I mean compared to a Concrete Fire place. These fires weigh 200kg and only needs to be bolted down with 4 dyno-bolts. This makes it an economic and easy fire to install at batches, on decks and other hard to get to areas. If you shift location the fire can be moved as well!


  • 3mm Corten steel
  • Fire dimensions – H = 2500mm W = 900mm D = 500mm
  • Fire Box dimension - Fits 760mm x 355mm Firegrate
  • Wood box dimensions – H = 1250mm W = 700mm D = 400mm
  • Double skinned fire box
  • Shaped firebox to throw out heat and internal flu
  • Heatwave- Classic firegrate
  • Heatwave - Contemporary Stainless steel fire grate (optional extra)
  • Pre-drilled holes for dyno bolts.

How to purchase your fire:

1 - Enquire -email us

2 - Confirm design 

3 - Have a few mates round and install fire - enjoy for many years.