camping firegrate

Camping is in our DNA. Every Kiwi family tries their hand at pitching a tent, sleeping under the stars and lighting a fire. With fires, there's always a danger that it could spread or get out of control. No-one wants their camping experiance to be a disaster! The Heatwave Campfire grate is the perfect size for a couple or small family. You'll find the 460mm x 420mm size grate will keep you warm and is easy to pack.

 Made fully from stainless steel its perfect for your next outdoor camping trip. This Firegrate will contain your fire so it won't spread, will keep the fire off the ground, doubles as a BBQ, and when you have finished  with it and the embers are cold you can dispose of the ash responsibly.

*These grates can't be used where a fire ban is in place, check camping site laws before lighting any fires.



  • Safe - contains your embers and hot coals
  • Small and easy to pack
  • Can be used for cooking
  • Stainless Steel - won't rust out