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Heatwave Firegrates - Classic Range

Our classic range has been around since the beginning of Heatwave. These firegrates are well proven and loved by thousands of home owners around NZ. With six sizes in the range, there will be one to fit your open fire or outdoor fire. The Classic Firegrate has proven to provide a hotter burning fire than traditional cast iron grates and wont burn out. With a traditional grate, the hottest part of the fire is on the grate itself, where the air meets the fuel. This works well for coal, but it does consume your fuel a lot faster. It also slowly consumes your grate!

Treat yourself to one of these firegrates from the classic range, You'll love the look, you'll love the heat.


How Does The Heatwave Firegrate Work?

A lot of people asked, "Where does the fire get its air from?" or "Why doesn't the grate have holes in the bottom?". Here is our reasoning behind this design. The traditional cast iron grates with a slotted base were designed for fires burning coal to drive steam engines on locomotives, boats and other steam powered machines. The coal needed to burn fiercely to produce the maximuim heat to produce the steam. To achieve this it needs lots of air flow to fuel the flames. This concept was thought to be the only way to build a firegrate and were used in homes all over the world.

When you think about the fire in your home, its not used to run steam engines...these days fires are more used in our homes for warmth, comfort, ambience, and enjoyed by family and friends. You don't want it to be burning your wood as quick as possible but you do want a warm room. The Heatwave classic firegrate provides a more controlled fire, it draws the air to fuel the flames through the front of the grate which throws the heat back out into the room. You will find you get a fantastic heat while burning less wood as it doesnt burn as fierce. Not convinced? Please check out the testimonials from other happy warm customers.


Download Diagram - Heatwave_infographic.jpg


Andirons are very useful and and add even more style to your fireplace. These simply sit on the front of your firegrate to prevent logs from rolling out. They can also slide from side to side. A "must-have" for all serious fire lovers!! 






So far beyond thrilled with both the grate and the service we've received from Hyway. Super glad I came across your website, it's such a refreshing change to get such fast efficient friendly service. Thanks & well done!!!!




"Thank you very much for the quick delivery of our firegrate. It fits perfectly in our fireplace. We noticed straight away the more efficient burn compared to our old one we will recommend this product to our friends. Please thank your staff on their good work!"

-Paul Howard, Timaru




"Was a little tentative about the claims made, but needed a new grate so decided to give it a try. It really does work and the extra heat directed forwards is very noticeable. Satisfied customer."




"We had a large fireplace built on the covered deck in our bach on Waiheke but we had a lot of trouble getting it to heat the large area. I was also always worried when we had friends or family staying that they would not watch the fire and I had seen a log roll out of the fire in the past and the whole place is timber! I designed a grate on a piece of paper that would have a barrier at the front so the fire was safer, and also large enough to fill the space, then I went online to try to find someone to make my idea. Within a few minutes I had found your website and the design of your grates was so similar to my thoughts. I read about the fire grate and it made sense that a solid base would mean less heat loss up and down, and more heat to the room. I ordered the grate in the largest size and it was couriered to Auckland from Greymouth in a just a day or two. We have used the grate a couple of times already and I am really pleased with it."



"Top product, great delivery, and fantastic customer service.

with HUGE thanks! "

-Steve, Greytown 27/6/17