Contemporary Range - Stainless steel

Courier_Guy_burned.pngThe Contemporary range has been added to provide an alternative style. It is based on the successful Classic grate but also has the advantage of being 'weatherproof.' The Contemporary range is made from Stainless steel!

With outdoor fires, a regular steel grate can rust, becoming unslightly and eventually decaying away. These grates also have a solid base which will far outlast a conventional grate. The solid base prevents combustion at the edges of holes or slots, which will eventually burn the grate out. This investment will last and last. Upgrade now to a stainless Heatwave firegrate - you'll never look back.

With six sizes available, there will be one to fit your indoor or outdoor fire. The Contemporary has proven to provide a hotter burning fire than traditional cast iron grates, and will also save a lot of fuel!

Treat yourself to one of these. You'll love the look. You'll love the heat.


How Does The Heatwave Firegrate Work?

A lot of people asked, "Where does the fire get its air from?" or "Why doesn't the grate have holes in the bottom?". Here is our reasoning behind this design. The traditional cast iron grates with a slotted base were designed for fires burning coal to drive steam engines on locomotives, boats and other steam powered machines. The coal needed to burn fiercely to produce the maximuim heat to produce the steam. To achieve this it needs lots of air flow to fuel the flames. This concept was thought to be the only way to build a firegrate and were used in homes all over the world.

When you think about the fire in your home, its not used to run steam engines...these days fires are more used in our homes for warmth, comfort, ambience, and enjoyed by family and friends. You don't want it to be burning your wood as quick as possible but you do want a warm room. The Heatwave contemporary firegrate provides a more controlled fire, it draws the air to fuel the flames through the front of the grate which throws the heat back out into the room. You will find you get a fantastic heat while burning less wood as it doesnt burn as fierce. Not convinced? Please check out the testimonials from other happy warm customers.


Download Diagram - Heatwave_infographic.jpg