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Do you need a stylish firegrate that doesn't burn out?

A Heatwave firegrate needs to be your next investment. We have provided home-owners around NZ since the 1970's with stylish firegrates that never burn out, and throw out more heat into their rooms, while saving fuel! Designed for Open Fireplaces. 

Why a Heatwave Firegrate?

Solid base - wont burn out!

Heatwave Firegrates have a been designed with a solid base and this has proved a winner.  With a solid base, the constant heat and flames have no contact with an open edge to start the process of burning the grate out! Perfect for your open fireplace.

Hotter fire

The hottest part of any fire is where the air flow meets the flames and wood. With this design the air comes in from the front of the grate meaning the hottest part of the fire is right where you want it! This radiates more heat out into your room... - Check out our testimonials on this!! 


The Heatwave firegrates have been praised by 100's of customers for their subtle beauty. The free-standing design is sure to compliment your open fireplace and add character and ambience to your room.  Like a traditional fire grate but more stylish! 

Easy to clean

Yes, easy to clean! Just draw the grate forward and up-end, tipping the ash into the fire pit, or a suitable container. Please be aware, the ash can retain heat for many days and become a fire hazard. It must be disposed of responsibly! 

Listen to our fans....

Dear Belinda

Overnight delivery from Greymouth. Way above expectations. 

I installed the Classic grate straight away and enjoyed an estimated 50% improvement in the efficiency of the fire. Previously an open fire without any grate. Fire is easier to set and is safer. 

Very happy to be named and quoted 


Thank you. 


David Cooper. 


The Heatwave firegrate is a product of Hyway Manufacturing. Hyway acquired this product from 'an uncle' in the 90's and have developed it somewhat over the years. Hyway Manufacturing is a family business which has been manufacturing products since 1987. We are more known for our products related to the contracting and transport industy. View more about us on our main website www.hyway.co.nz.


L M Harrison, the inventor of the Heatwave firegrate was on holiday in the Waikato, May 1950. He observed the best way to burn wood was on the old curved bricked fire base, however this method had disadvantages as the bricks would crack, the logs could roll out and it was hard to dispose of ash and make look nice.  In the 1960's L M Harrison built his family home with an open fireplace in the lounge. He designed and built a firegrate for this following the same principles that he observed of the fire he had sat around on holiday back in May 1950. The first Heatwave Firegrate was built!  The firegrate worked exceptionally well, holding the logs in, throwing the heat out into the room and made life easy when disposing of the ash. L M Harrison decided to go into production of these grates in 1968 ready for the 1969 season. Around 2000 grates were sold in the first season, they were highly popular - the result  was thousands of warm and satisfied families. Today the numbers are different but the the result is still the same - warm happy faces sit in front of open or outdoor fires enjoying the Heatwave firegrate.

What our clients say...




"Amazing Grate! I am so grateful. Here we have a rotten cold day but lovely fire blazing away SENDING HEAT like never before.

I don't know how it does it but it does. You can quote me!!


   Kathleen Murdoch - Taumarunui  12/09/2016




"Brilliant piece of work - fits and burns like a dream - fast delivery highly recommended!" 


-Teremoana, Bluff 04/10/2015




"Fantastic grate. Amazing how much more heat it throws out compared to our traditional grate.A higher front with a few more bars across would be great too! Thanks very much."


- Ian Jefferies, Christchurch  31/08/2016

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